PROPYPLAST is specialised in CAST film extrusion. Our company draws its strength from extensive experience in the field of extrusion and its state-of-the-art production facilities. Our films are used for a wide range of applications:

  • IML (In-Mould Labelling) films. Apart from standard IML applications, our LMG® range also includes films with cutting-edge properties such as:
    • Oxygen-barrier IML films
    • Oxygen-barrier IML films for sterilization
    • UV-barrier IML films
    • Light-barrier IML films
    • Oxygen-barrier and UV-barrier IML films
    • Oxygen-barrier and UV-barrier films for sterilization
    • Oxygen-barrier and light-barrier IML films
    • Metallic-effect IML films
    • Pearl-effect IML films
    • UV-stabilised IML films for outdoor applications
  • IML films for furniture decoration (UV-stabilised or not)
  • Films for seals
    • Peelable films for seals
    • Peelable oxygen-barrier films for seals
    • Peelable oxygen-barrier films for seals for sterilisation
  • Films for self-adhesive labels on PE substrate with excellent properties (high level of transparency and gloss)
  • Films for flexible packaging:
    • Food-industry lamination
    • Films for sachets
  • Technical films for:
    • Honeycomb sandwich panels
    • Adhesive tapes
    • Hoses for the transfer of chemical products and hydrocarbon fuels
    • Surface protection
    • Waterproof films

All our CAST films are manufactured in France