LIDPIL® film for peelable liddings

PROPYPLAST developed a PP CAST film for peelable liddings, whose registered trademark is LIDPIL®. The goal is to offer a monomaterial solution ahead of non-recyclable multimaterial products.

Advantages of LIDPIL® for peelable liddings

  •  It is 100% monomaterial.
  • The LIDPIL® peelable lidding can be welded with all sealing tools (with or without coating).
  • With a standard welding tool, the LIDPIL® peelable lidding is welded at a low temperature (between 135°C and 155°C).
  • The lidding does not stick to the welding tool and does not deteriorate at the welding point.
  • The LIDPIL® peelable lidding can be welded on different materials: PP, PET, PS and ALU.
  • When opening the container, there is no film residue on the pot or the tub edges.

LIDPIL®, a film for eco-responsible peelable liddings

Its different characteristics allow the LIDPIL® film to obtain the A RecyClass distinction, stating that it is 100% recyclable.


The LIDPIL® carbon footprint is very positive compared to the other solutions:

  • 1,76 (kg CO2-eq. / film kg) for the LIDPIL® peelable lidding


Regarding the Alu solutions, they have a highly elevated carbon footprint:

  • PET / Alu lidding                244,75 (kg CO2-eq. / film kg)
  • PE / Alu lidding                  275,25 (kg CO2-eq. / film kg)


LIDPIL® generates an important decrease in the CO2 emissions compared to aluminium-based solutions.

LIDPIL® range

We are able to offer you different films for peelable liddings: clear, white, with or without oxygen-barrier property.


Film type Commercial grade Colour Thickness
Standard LIDPIL® C Clear 100µ
Standard LIDPIL® W White 100µ
With O2 barrier LIDPIL® C BAR O2 Clear 100µ
With O2 barrier LIDPIL® W BAR O2 White 100µ


It is possible to propose LIDPIL® with other barriers (light, UV) and to include different barriers within the same film.

Interest in a barrier film for peelable liddings

PROPYPLAST has succeeded in understanding today’s consumers expectations:

  •  Food security: not having preservative agents within food
  • Waste reduction: increasing food storage life


The solution we offer is to protect food via packaging. This becomes possible thanks to our LIDPIL® BAR range with a barrier against oxygen, light, UV, …


As an example, our LIDPIL® BAR O2 film has a really good oxygen barrier:

  • Conditions: 23°C, 50 % RH, with 100 % O2
  • OTR value with LIDPIL® BAR O2: 1 Cc / (m².day.atm)


Obviously, using a lidding with a barrier only makes sense if the pot / tub is also protected with an identical barrier.

To do so, we propose you a whole range of IML films with barrier films which will protect your containers.

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All our films are 100% recyclable