Propyplast’s range of CAST films also includes an entire range of technical films that meet a variety of technical requirements with numerous applications:

  • Films for honeycomb sandwich panels manufacturing: applications in the automotive industry, building industry, civil engineering, etc.


  • Films for the coating of hoses used to transfer chemical products and hydrocarbon fuels
  • Films used in the manufacturing of adhesive tape


Basing itself on its experience and its CAST process know-how, PROPYPLAST is in a position to offer films that provide
a technical functionality, such as:

Barrier films

  • Oxygen-barrier films
  • Oxygen-barrier films for sterilization
  • UV-barrier films
  • Light-barrier films
  • Oxygen-barrier and UV-barrier films
  • Oxygen-barrier and light-barrier films

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Appearance effect films

  • Metallic-effect films
  • Pearl-effect films






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UV-resistant films

  • UV-stabilised films for outdoor applications






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All our films are 100% recyclable