LIDPIL® film for peelable liddings

LIDPIL - Opercule pelable

PROPYPLAST recently developed a PP CAST film for peelable liddings, whose registered trademark is LIDPIL®.

The goal is to offer a 100% monomaterial solution ahead of non-recyclable multimaterial products.

This main characteristic allows the LIDPIL® film for peelable liddings to obtain the A RecyClass distinction, stating that it is 100% recyclable.

Moreover, the LIDPIL® carbon footprint is very positive compared to the other solutions currently used (on aluminium basis).

Our LIDPIL® product range is made up of different films for peelable liddings: clear, white, with or without oxygen-barrier property.

It is possible to propose LIDPIL® with other barriers (light, UV) and to include different barriers within the same film.

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